Welcome to the new opportunity & reward filled classifieds web page, with new innovations in place


Primary objective is to provide easy and rather faster approach to reach absolute buyer or seller, thus our tag line is

Post, Buy, Sell.


It all started with a dedicated approach and initiation to see classifieds as an opportunity in this era. We have registered consortium known as spectrum innovations FZE to manage the day to day affairs of the company.This venture has been built on pillars of trust, dedication and innovation. We continue to serve better in coming days with you in a much more passionate and creative manner.

Focus is to have a wide range of opportunity for selling via marketplace facility. It will be given more importance by initiating all the innovative and creative support mechanisms.

We are building our team to be supportive role in social media and outdoor advertising expert. It will eventually give more opportunity for the passionate seller, manufacturer, and distributor of the products.


Classifedz.com is a new initiative to the UAE market, keeping in mind the regions vast techno and social media range available to every individual. We launch initially as a website and later planning to spread presence into other platforms such as app store, android.

The website has been designed by one of the finest web developers who have creatively made website of similar kind, and contributed to the success of majors from USA, Europe and across Asia. Thus, plan to progress and advance more sophisticated ways with ease of functionality for customers, buyers and sellers.

Through classifedz.com we offer maximum support for the reach of your product and visibility via major social media networks. The marketing of website will be give prime importance thereby sellers presence will be felt by public through our expert techniques, as we have designed the marketing strategy to support each seller associated with our webstore.

We motivate the sellers who are new and existing in the online trading business as the fee structure and registration methods are more attractive and easier in understanding. There will be rating and valuation based on the better product offering and seller acceptance shown by the customer.

Together can make a remarkable change in this new generation selling method and enable platform to reach to every ultimate customer. Thus inviting you to join  hands with us for a better future in online selling , which will benefit  you as well as classifedz.com; not only in UAE as well for the new regions which we planned to reach out in the near future.